Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Staying Neutral

I always play it safe when it comes to hair & makeup because doing either of these daily rituals has never been a talent of mine. I grew up with a tomboy mother who never really emphasized these aspects of being a girl. As a result, I have always leaned towards pale pink lipstick, lipgloss, neutral eyeshadows (pinks & browns), and neutral nail polishes (either Essie East Hampton Cottage, or one coat Essie Mademoiselle + one Coat Essie Vanity Fair or if I am feeling REALLY crazy Essie Fiji or Muchi Gucci Pucci).

Since I am now limited in my clothing choices (I am trying to cut out shopping for one year), I have decided to be more adventurous with my nail/make-up colors as a way to spice up boring outfits.

Here I am wearing Essie Lovie Dovie on my nails & Revlon Parisian Pink on my lips. Revlon Parisian Pink was the closest color I could find to Bobbi Brown Mod Pink (the color I have been dying to buy at Sephora) at the drugstore.

In the picture below, my nails are the same but my lips are painted with Revlon Candy Apple Red, a color that I am less enamored with as it is not quite as close to the red lip colors I was attracted to at Sephora/Bergdorfs (the perils of buying a lip color at a drug store where you cannot try them on!). I will continue to test reds this weekend when I have a day off & report back if I find any improved versions. In the meantime, any suggestions for a red lip color would be much appreciated as I forge ahead in my riskier approach to makeup application.

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