Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Toms For all Seasons: AUTUMN

Five years ago I had my first TOMS shoes experience. It was Thanksgiving Day and my sister and brother- in-law both had on TOMS shoes: burlap for her and army green for him. My sister and I tend to be on opposite ends of the sartorial spectrum: I am always dressed up and girly and she is always dressed down, usually in shades of black and gray. To find something that we both were excited to wear was something of an anomaly and to find something that simultaneously bonded us and helped others (if you live under a rock and are NOT familiar with TOMS, they give one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you purchase) made each purchase even more rewarding.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was in grad school, arriving early to an auditorium to sit in the front row for a Blake Mycoskie (TOMS creator) speech. TOMS stands for "Tomorrow Shoes" and to hear the story of how he created the concept is truly inspiring. Since that time, he has written a book that covers the same ground as his university speaking tour.

As the season of Thanksgiving (when I first discovered the shoe) and the season of giving in general approaches, here is a look at my favorite TOMS for fall!

My TOMS Wish List:
Chic and Simple and Able to Keep my Feet Toasty in Chilly Weather 

Dorothy Gale Red: Great for the Holidays and I Wore my Gold Glitters all Last Fall/Winter

A Fun Twist on Moccasins 

 I wore my Gold Herringbones all Last Fall

Fun Colors: For when the Air is Crisp but Not too Cold and I can still Just get away with open-toed shoes

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