Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Kindred Spirit in the News

I read today that the Duchess of Cambridge, as an Anne of Green Gables fan, has requested that she and her new husband visit Prince Edward Island on their upcoming tour of Canada. For those of you that are NOT Anne (emphasis on the "-e") Shirley fans, you have not only missed out in life but also have now failed to realize the significance of this visit is that the Duchess of Cambridge has gained the new title of "kindred spirit" to all Anne fans around the world. The books, as is the case in most instances, are better than the movie version but the movies are enjoyable as well because what is lost in the storytelling is made up for in the display of the beautiful Canadian landscapes (also, the image of Anne breaking the slate over Gilbert's head and dying her hair green translates well to the screen). Readers, let this recent reintroduction of Miss Montgomery's novels in the headlines be an inspiration to read these books and become bosom buddies with Miss Shirley, Diana, Gilbert Blythe and the Cuthberts. You will never (well hardly ever) make fun of Canadians again. Nor will you dare to name your future children Ann without the "-e".

the first of the Green Gables series

Megan Follows as Anne Shirley

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Note on the Dress

As the ultimate Grace Kelly superfan, I immediately thought of Kelly's wedding dress when Kate walked down the aisle. Although I have seen Sound of Music at least one million times, I have to admit I did not draw this comparison. See the article below for famous dresses that may have inspired the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding look...

Post-Royal Wedding Blues and Present Alexander McQueen Euphoria

The Royal Wedding has come and gone and even those who remained cynical throughout the build-up to the big day seemed to thaw as Kate Middleton walked down the aisle at Westminster to meet her prince. Everyone loves a fairytale but what made the moment most awww-worthy was the fact that this couple is one that seems to be genuinely in love and committed to making it work. The envy felt by girls around the world was not based on the titles or the jewels or the dress by Miss Burton but on the fact that these two seem to have found something genuine in a world that is largely about illusion. Best wishes to the bride and congrats to the groom! I am looking forward to seeing their happy future and watching Kate develop as the style star she has already proved to be...


two dresses by sarah burton for mcqueen
reality better than the fairytale

mcqueen again

duke & duchess of cambridge

first post-wedding weekend photo

Also, I just returned from New York and the opening day of the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. Having seen the Chanel exhibit there in 2005 and the YSL exhibit this past summer at the Petit Palais (as well as the Grace Kelly exhibit at the Victoria and Albert), I have seen my share of truly well curated fashion exhibitions. This exhibition exceeded my expectations in that one felt literally transported into the mind of McQueen through the videos of past shows, the display of the clothes and accessories and the remembrances of the man and his thought process by those who knew him best including Isabella Blow, Phillip Treacy and Sarah Burton. If you are looking to discover beauty, emotion, terror or simply want to enter another world for an hour or so...go see this exhibit before it is gone!