Monday, February 27, 2012

Bold Colors for the Bathroom

The traditional rule for paint color is small space, light color. Light colors are one of the tricks recommended to expand your otherwise tiny space.

I generally follow this rule (hence, my BM Pale Smoke Living area and BM Silvery Blue Kitchen) but I am considering going bold when it comes to my petite bathroom.

SYMPHONY BLUE is the color I am contemplating. The color was featured on a Domino magazine cover with Zooey Deschanel as well as in a Lonny magazine spread. Granted, in both places the color was used in a somewhat larger space than my bathroom but it is so cheerful and I think with some black and white vanity fair portraits, my white marble tile and possibly a white (or gold or brushed nickel or floating wood...another element to obsess over!) mirror, the color would end up really being an accent and not engulfing the room.


Alternatively, I could go the safe route and paint it all cliffside gray/marilyn's dress (*both Benjamin Moore as well!)

 Cliffside Gray

  Marilyn's Dress