Monday, April 11, 2011

PHOTO: Kate Middleton's Last Official Engagement Before the Royal Wedding

Unfortunately, this blog was created years after my Kate Middleton groupie status was cemented. Since I was in college and Kate was an assistant buyer at Jigsaw, I have been following the evolution of her style. I predicted that she would wear Issa for the engagement announcement long before the actual engagement took place (although this prediction is hardly a feat since it was established long ago that Issa was her favorite designer). I am looking forward to finding out the designer of this navy suit she wore for her last appearance before the wedding in the above photo. I have to get to work on studying for law school finals now but as soon as I take a break, I will write more extensively on Kate Middleton's style and the upcoming Royal Wedding and address the premiere last night of PBS's "Upstairs, Downstairs".

I will leave you with this picture that Janie Bryant, costume designer of "Mad Men" fame, drew showing her take on what Miss Middleton should wear on the big day. Love the simple lace detailing and the flower headpiece (which would have Kate winning the alleged Kate-Camilla flowers vs. tiara debate) but are the details too much or are such details necessary in a space as vast as Westminster Abbey?

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