Monday, April 11, 2011

A Prelude to Fashion Commentary to Come...(Some Pre-Engagement Looks)

Kate Middleton During the Period of her 2007 Break-Up from Prince William—Nothing Inspires Regret Like a Mini Dress

Boodles Boxing Ball in Her Favorite Designer, Issa

At the Concert for Diana in 2007 when the Public finally learned that she and William had reunited

Wedding Wear—in a dress that she would wear again to a wedding after her engagement

Pulling off a British look with a nod to the French Beret

one of my favorite Issa looks

playing the role of the "something blue" at friends' weddings

blue and boots...noticing a pattern

at the laura parker-bowles wedding

casual in white jeans and pearls

a still collegiate kate middleton

a mod 60s look

casual london look

english rose

leaving party at bluebird

white jeans and tunic

graphic print

26th Birthday in a Classic Trench

nothing beats the london chill like a little tropical color

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