Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This Weekend

When people ask me what I did over the weekend, I am always at a loss  as to how to describe it. I am never sitting still on the weekend but I never actually do planned, organized activities (exception for Soul Cycle on Saturday mornings and the U.S. Open on labor day weekend). I wander the city most weekends, walking anywhere from five to fifteen miles. 

This past Sunday was one of the most beautiful days since I moved back to the city. The sky was perfectly blue, the weather was warm but still slightly breezy with very little humidity. I walked from my Murray Hill apartment up to the Upper East Side before any of the stores were open and before the streets were filled with tourists. I walked up to Clydes Pharmacy just as it opened and spilled a bottle of Nefertiti nail polish ( a sparkly gold), ruining one of my favorite pairs of shoes in the process, my bronze and gold monogrammed Jack Rogers sandals. An event like that would typically annoy or upset me but I just walked back outside and into the perfect weather. I stopped at Eli Zabar's EAT for a coffee and a bran muffin and took a moment to read my New York Times. Then I went to the Met where I wandered through the Louis XIV furniture, one of my favorite exhibits before leaving to stroll through the park. In the park I walked to the Turtle Pond and then through "The Ramble". I walked over to the West Side where I went to the Sunday farmer's market just above Isabella's and just west of the Natural History Museum. Then I went to the local flea market and stopped for a coffee at the Muffin Cafe and then...I wandered. I went in and out of shops, stopped to people watch, and then headed down to Lincoln Center where Fashion Week was in full swing. Outside of Lincoln Center, there were people distributing free fashion magazines and I grabbed one and sat down on the edge of the fountain, half reading and half watching the fashion week attendees pass by in their outfits. When I eventually left Lincoln Center, I got a free fashion week cloth bag that I will use for grocery shopping. Then I walked down to the Time Warner Center where I stopped at the Whole Foods salad bar and bought the Lemon Baked Tofu in a to-go container. I left Time Warner and returned to the park to search for the perfect picnic spot. I usually stick to the West Side for picnics but Sunday I went to the East Green. I ate my tofu and people watched before heading back East towards the Neue Gallery. There was a private event there so I did not go inside. Instead, I walk back uptown a while before eventually turning around and heading back towards my Murray Hill home

A perfect Sunday but an imperfect story to tell on Monday at work when I get the inevitable question: what did you do this weekend?

My answer: nothing or everything? Whether these days classify as a whole lot of nothing or a little bit of everything, I enjoy them immensely.

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