Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dreaming a Dream of an Early Release Date for Les Mis

Tom Hooper, the man behind The King's Speech, very well may be my soul mate. He knows how great Colin Firth looks up on the big screen and he has seemingly made my dream of a well done Les Miserables movie adaptation a reality. The latest long form trailer released in preparation for the Christmas 2012 release date has increased my excitement level when I had previously believed my anticipation for this movie had reached its apex. I am a lifelong Les Mis fan: I sang On My Own for all of my theater auditions during my theater geekdom days. Les Mis was also the first Broadway musical I saw at the age of thirteen and one of the first classic novels I truly loved. The score is one of the most hauntingly beautiful ever composed in my opinion and the French version is even more moving. I used to listen to the French interpretation of I Dreamed a Dream (J'avais Reve d'une autre vie) on repeat while I studied for law school exams. Again, I am VERY excited for the arrival of this movie and in the meantime have only this trailer and the now classic songs to satiate me until December 25th (9pm, Eastern Standard Time....oh wait...that's another musical altogether)!

Les Miserables 2012 Extended First Look


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