Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy: How you were Almost my Grinch

There are only two things I could think of the past two days:

  1. The song from the movie Grease "Oh Sandy..." that Danny Zuko sings. and
  2. My Christmas Tree

In reference to number one: yes, there was a period in my life where I watched this incredibly cliched movie on repeat and made the children who lived next door dress up as Grease characters and sing along to the soundtrack with me. The Grease-obsessed phase of my childhood (I was eleven or twelve) is not something I often like to relive.

A part of my childhood I DO like to relive is my tendency to begin the celebration of Christmas in October. When I was younger (college-aged and below), I began to decorate around October 1st. As a semi-adult, I decorate around...well, now.

I put up my Christmas tree two days before Hurricane Sandy arrived and was scared the entire time that the window would be demolished and all of my ornaments would break (Nutcracker themed...with the exception of my Wizard of Oz ruby slippers ornament....2 other obsessions/remnants from childhood). Now that I can confidently report the survival of my tree AND its accoutrements, it is time to continue the Christmas decorating with the perfect holiday wreath...preferably something clean, traditional and modern to counterbalance the slight kitsch factor of having a themed tree.


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