Saturday, January 21, 2012

Donald Draper is a Big Tease

The seven thousand years I have been waiting to see Mad Men Season 5 are almost coming to a close.

That said, these last couple of months are going to be the most painful with Mad Men fans scouring the internet for any hint of Season 5 news.

For all of you "mad mennies" out there (see Mad Men SNL skit with January Jones—Note: do not watch the rest of the episode...continue on to Jon Hamm hosted episodes instead), I am attaching a link to a Huffington Post article where the cast of mad men shares their favorite episodes from the seasons that have aired. Feel free to reminisce and also tear up at the fact that we have to wait until MARCH to find out the next chapter of the show...oh how that Don Draper teases his audience as well as the women in his life!

Bad News: Some of the episode favorites overlap and many are from season one

Good News: They all agree that the upcoming season is the best

Although January Jones as Betty Draper is controversial (see Slate TV watching group), I like her ice queen performance and hope to see more of her this season (on Mad Men, NOT SNL...just to be clear).

So, here is the link and ENJOY!!!!

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