Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is TODAY Cutting Out Curry?

Reports have surfaced claiming that  Ann Curry, co-host of TODAY, is being replaced.

Although it is not surprising that there would be a shake-up at TODAY following their recent loss in the ratings to Good Morning America, it has always seemed somewhat unfair that Ann Curry has received a large portion of the blame for the dip in ratings.

If the rumors are true that opens up the door for Natalie Morales or Savannah Guthrie to step up to the plate. While both of these women are more than capable at covering major news stories (Morales is currently news anchor & Guthrie has a law degree), I will miss the personality Ann Curry brought with her brightly colored outfits, sleekly tailored clothing and blunt haircut. If Curry is in fact bidding farewell to the morning show, I think a proper send-off is required. This post is dedicated to the spice that Curry brought to the traditionally staid morning show style. Enjoy!

Matt Lauer Gives a Round of Applause for Color-blocking
How You Can Be as Spicy as Curry:

Making Lemon Seem More Sweet than Sour at the 60th Anniversary of the TODAY Show

How You Can Be as Spicy as Curry:
Dress at Madewell

(a more youthful approach than the structured shift dress)

J. Crew Dress (Currently Unavailable but Much More on Target w/ Curry's Look)

Looking Cool, Calm & Collected as she Conducts an Interview in Classic White

How You Can Be as Spicy as Curry:
A Simple Shift & Heels that Bring Personality to a Serious Medical Segment

How You Can be as Spicy as Curry:

 Ann Taylor Dress

Celebrating the TODAY Anniversary in TODAY Show Colors & Making Thematic Dressing Look Chic

How You Can be as Spicy as Curry:

Combining all of Her Style Staples: Bright Pop of Color, Eye-Catching Print, & Structured Shape

How You Can be as Spicy as Curry:

I leave you with one of my favorite images, one that ties back to a few earlier posts:

Goodbye Ann Curry & Best Wishes!

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