Friday, June 29, 2012

To Rome With Love

I had a bad couple of days at work and needed something to cheer me up tonight, especially since most of my friends are out of town for the holiday weekend.

I took myself out to a movie and saw Woody Allen's To Rome with Love, a movie that was sold out at my favorite Upper West Side theater when my friend and I attempted to see it last weekend. The movie received tepid reviews on Rotten Tomatoes so I was not certain what to expect but I was ready to lose myself in a fictional world for a couple of hours and I succeeded in laughing throughout the entire experience along with the rest of the theater, most of whom also applauded the film at the end. So whatever Rotten Tomatoes concluded about To Rome with Love, the Upper West Side still loves Woody Allen and so do I.

Penelope Cruz as a Prostitute Playing the Role of a Wife

Woody Allen as a Reluctant Retiree/Opera Enthusiast/Father-of-the-Bride-to-be

The Bride-to-be and Her Fiance (he with the opera singing father)

A Temperamental Actress & a Budding Architect Flirt with Romance

Best Jokes are About:

Singing in the Shower (specifically Woody referencing that he sounds like Eartha Kitt in the shower)
Father-of-the-bride fears about the Groom to be
Woody Allen's take on plane turbulence, retiring & morticians
Penelope Cruz as the Fake Wife
Alec Baldwin's interpretations of Ellen Page's female machinations

Is it Midnight in Paris? No but there is still a lot of fun to be had in Woody Allen's romp through Roma. 

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