Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Look to Look Into: Blinding Brights

The blinding neon colors of the 1980s have returned in full force, a fact that is particularly evident by the fact that on my walk to work up fifth avenue I see at least twenty pairs of neon-colored jeans & skinny pants each day.

Although I love slim-legged pants in all forms as a general rule (see the Minnie pants I am wearing today). I cannot bring myself to make the leap to neon brights combined with slim or stretchy fabrics. For that reason, I was particularly drawn to this outfit worn by Elle Macpherson (as seen in the Huffington Post). She has kept the cigarette pant & the neon trend but avoided the dreaded neon thigh look, opting instead for brightly colored pumps. Well done, Elle! A look I will certainly be looking into to...

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