Thursday, August 23, 2012

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

I am not supposed to be shopping this year. However, there are two key problems with my ability to maintain that goal. The first is that I live in New York City and I pass by some of the world's best shopping on my walk home from work. The second problem is that I get e-mails all day from retail websites offering me irresistible deals. I would unsubscribe from these mailing lists only I feel as though I would miss them when they were gone.

My latest e-shopping obsession? a website that offers discounted products recommended by celebrities and experts. Tom Colicchio tells you what you should have in your kitchen, Molly Sims pushes the latest fashions and some people you have never heard of (but feel like you are friends with already because of their great picks) post random items you never knew you needed but now cannot imagine your life without.

Here are some of my Open Sky picks:

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