Friday, August 31, 2012

The One Thing I Love about Football

I have never been a huge football fan (or really a minor football fan either) but ever since I can remember Labor Day Weekend was when my family would pack up the car and head up to my parents' alma mater to tailgate before the first game of the season. We would dress in team colors, set up a picnic in the grass near their law school and eventually walk over to the game along with a sea of fans with spirits high as the season got underway. I will never love watching football but I will always cherish those memories of going to games and I will alway love our family tailgates. For those of you tailgating this weekend or this fall here are some items that make a tailgate complete.

A Football 
...for those who are so inclined

A Team Mascot-Inspired Checkers game
...for those who are not "picked for the team (ahem)

A tailgate game for everyone to enjoy

Wrap blue hydrangeas with orange ribbon and put in vase

Blue striped blanket

Orange paper plates

A mix of orange and blue polka dot napkins

Happy Labor Day and Happy Tailgating!

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  1. Our family has also really enjoyed the Labor Day tradition of tailgating to celebrate the start of football season which is the best time of the year. Thanks for the tips and the memories.