Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nailed It

There is a nail salon near my apartment that gives mediocre mani/pedis for $22 but for $22 I am willing to sacrifice quality to some degree. My willingness is due in part to the fact that I tend to stick to neutral colors on my fingernails and quality becomes less important with neutrals as chipping is not a huge concern.

As fall approaches, I am considering branching out somewhat into "edgier" nails (since the rest of my style is rather conservative as well).

Here are some of the color trends I will be looking into for fall:


Butter London "The Full Monty"

Essie "Good as Gold"


Chanel "Graphite"

Butter London "Diamond Geezer"

Chanel "Black Satin"

Butter London "Union Jack Black"


OPI "Red Dazzle"

Essie "A List"

French Twist

French Manicure with Black Tips as Seen at Thakoon's Fall 2012 Show


Essie "East Hampton Cottage"

The Dark Side

Butter London "Wallis"

Essie "Wicked"

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