Monday, November 26, 2012

Cinema with Style: Black Swan

The tickets for the New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker finally went on sale last week and the new New York City Ballet Exhibit at the Foley Gallery opens this week.

Attending The Nutcracker ballet is a tradition my mother and I have had since I was five years old. We get dressed up, see the Nutcracker and go to a girls only dinner.

The Foley Gallery exhibit, Behind the Curtain of the New York City Ballet, is a result of photographer Henry Leutwyler spending a year behind the scenes at the ballet photographing various moments that capture the lives of the dancers and the choreographers. The exhibit is open from November 28th through January 6th. Hopefully, when my mom visits for the ballet we will have time to stop by this exhibit as well.

 With all of the exciting ballet-filled activities on the horizon, I am yearning to watch one of my favorite ballet movies: Black Swan.

 Although Black Swan is technically a horror film, the dance costumes by Rodarte and Natalie Portman's off duty ballet-inspired clothes are equally beautiful and always make me want to play the part of the delicate ballerina in the form of my street clothes and holiday party attire. "Ballerina" is a role even ten years of ballet lessons could not get my two left feet even remotely near achieving so, alas, I am left to play the role of ballerina through dress up with Black Swan as my inspiration.

Casual Dance Wear

Inspires Casual Lounge Wear



White Swan

...and Black Swan

Inspire Holiday Party Attire

Black and Gold Pumps to Meld the Black Swan and the White Swan

Nina's Downtime

Inspires Simple Yet Chic Street Attire


Ethereal Evening Wear

Inspires Dream Black Tie Look



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