Sunday, July 8, 2012

Girl Crush: Kim Sears

I noticed Kim Sears a few years ago sitting in the stands at all of Andy Murray's matches and have paid attention to her ever since that day. With all of the (deserved) hype surrounding Andy Murray this past week, she became part of the focus of the world as well.

Kim Sears is what is known in Great Britain as a TWAG (a tennis wife and girlfriend) but she is also an accomplished artist, daughter of tennis coach Nigel Sears and an animal lover. She also manages to be classic, trendy and comfortable simultaneously and continues to look gorgeous even when making faces following each of her boyfriend's tennis points.

Skinny Dark Denim, Floating White Top, Thong Sandals & Tennis Credentials (the ultimate accessory)

Cobalt Blue Coat, Clutch, Heeled Boots

Burberry Trench

Carefree Ponytail & Aviators

Chic & Comfortable Look for Date Night with Andy Murray


Mixing Patterns

Cobalt Blue Skirt & Mulberry Bag

Patterns & Aviators

Love these metallic-y aviators...could they be Mosely Tribes?

Navy & White Dress

Crocheted Dress

Green Utility Jacket & Patterned Scarf

Cobalt Blue Coat

Striped Shirt

Red Tote

Bib Necklace

More Stripes

The "Kim Sears look" is admittedly nothing remarkable. She is certainly not the first to wear Ray Bans, stripes, chambray & summer patterns. However, the combination of perfectly blown out hair, her classic and unpretentious eyewear, flattering fit and color and well tailored basics make her look flawless. She knows what colors look best on her (blue), what clothing items look best on her (skirts), and what jewelry best compliments her timeless & relaxed wardrobe (luxury watches & bangles).

Overall, the best two aspects of the "Kim Sears look":

(1) She manages to be put together but her focus is clearly primarily on the match and 
(2)She knows the power of letting natural beauty take the reins. 

Kim Sears is therefore this weekend's "Girl Crush".

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