Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Look to Look Into: Chambray Shirts

Chambray shirts are a basic that serve as an easy alternative to the simple T-shirt. Chambray shirts can be dressed up (with a maxi skirt) or down (with dark denim). They can be conservatively tucked in or coquettishly tied to bare just the slightest hint of a midriff. 

A History of Chambray:

Chambray fabric originated in Chambrai,France in the 1500s. The manner in which the fabric is woven makes it a lighter weight fabric than denim.The U.S. Navy adopted Chambray fabric in 1901 and utilized it through World War II. The recent resurgence in naval trends is credited with increasing the popularity of Chambray today.

Chambray in the Navy

Brando in Chambray Shirt

Chambray Inspiration: 

Cupcakes & Cashmere

J. Crew

Ashley Olsen


Reese Witherspoon

Chambray in Classic Films

Three Shirts, Three Price Points:

Pair Chambray with:

Outfit One:
A maxi skirt 

Either tuck in & belt or tie so that you are showing just a sliver of skin.

Outfit Two:
With Denim 

Outfit Three: 
With leather 

Outfit Four:

With shorts 

Outfit Five:
Over a dress 

Outfit Six:

With knee-length skirt

Outfit Seven:

With mini skirt

And one final image...

Marilyn Monroe in a Chambray Shirt, 1964

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