Thursday, July 12, 2012

Royally Sartorial: The Fashionable Females of the World's Royal Families

One year ago I wrote about the Canadian royal tour and at the time a good portion of the world was fascinated by the trip of Prince William and his new bride, the Duchess of Cambridge and the array of outfits she wore for their tour throughout Canada. Fast forward one year and a few Canadian tour outfit repeats, and we are left with only the Olympic hosting duties of the royals as our chance to see the Duchess formerly known as Kate in something new to wear. 

In the meantime, the rest of the world is full of royalty more than willing to put their fashionable feet forward. Here are a few of the world's most fashionable royals.

Queen Rania of Jordan
Representing Simple Elegance
Before she was Queen, Rania worked at both Citibank & Apple. She has used her business acumen in her royal role by starting several charitable organizations and actively participating each year in the World Economic Forum at Davos. At the age of 28 she became the world's youngest Queen and today she still reigns as an admirable example of a woman who has managed career & family all while looking effortlessly chic. It's good to be queen...

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
The Fairytale Princess
She met her Prince in a bar in Australia and did not find out he was a Prince until they were already dating. Soon she moved to Denmark, took Danish language lessons and one marriage, four children, and countless magazine covers later she emphasizes the fairytale aspect of her marriage through feminine, structured pieces. 

Princess Letizia
Tackling Tailored Basics
Princess Letizia was originally a journalist and was the daughter of father who was also a journalist & a mother who was a nurse. She worked at CNN and reported on presidential elections from Washington D.C. as well as on the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks in New York City. The career women has taken the structured basics from her broadcast journalism career and increased the glamour factor since becoming a Princess & a mother. 

Princess Caroline
Emphasizing Graceful Aging & Eternal Classic Style
Caroline is a Princess twice over: she is the Princess of Hanover by marriage and the hereditary Princess of Monaco. She is a princess thrice over when you consider that she is also the eldest daughter of Hollywood royalty, Princess Grace. Caroline has suffered much tragedy in her life: she lost her mother at a young age and also her first husband and the father of her children. She has thrown herself into fulfilling her role as a Monagasque princess. She speaks French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. From Vogue cover girl in her youth to the reigning First Lady of Monaco (even today, after the marriage of her brother Prince Albert), she has maintained a classic style that resembles but that encompasses her own personal flair. 

Princess Charlene
The South African Queen
Charlene's royal engagement came before Kate Middleton & her royal wedding came afterwards. Like her deceased mother-in-law, Grace Kelly, she comes from a family of athletes and she herself was an Olympic swimmer for her native South Africa. She has close relationships with designers including Giorgio Armani & Karl Lagerfeld. After she began dating the prince, she moved to Monaco in order to learn French and learn about the small principality. People often attempt to compare her to her mother-in-law, Princess Grace, or sister-in-law, Princess Caroline but her style is more basic, made up of beiges & sea greens, & is perfectly suited for her South African roots and Olympic frame.

Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco
The Heir to Style Royalty
Daughter to Princess Caroline, granddaughter to Grace Kelly & a world class equestrian, Charlotte Casiraghi embodies the French fashion sense typified by unfussy glamour. She is most often seen in jodhpurs & riding boots (made especially for her by Gucci, the house for whom she is the equestrian spokeperson and latest brand spokesmodel). Her street style is usually casual, with little makeup. Her evening style is often dramatic & feminine. She has been cited by Karl Lagerfeld as one of his muses. 

With all of the fuss that has been made about  Kate Middleton, the commoner, it is easy for one to forget about the other commoners turned princesses that came before her and to overlook the various accomplished & fashionable women that hold a position in this world that not only is the realization of every little girl's fantasy but also that puts them in the unparalleled position of being able to accomplish pretty much whatever they set out to do. 

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