Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Outfitters

The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony is this Friday. The soccer events are already under way, with many of the first soccer games played yesterday. Before the games even began, there was controversy over the U.S. Olympic uniforms being made in China, forcing Ralph Lauren to publicly promise that all future uniforms would be made stateside. In the meantime, retailers all over the country have released London 2012 clothing lines so that spectators can show their support for America as the games commence. Here are some highlights of souvenir clothing items that are created to be representative of the spirit of the games without being too cutesy.

Ralph Lauren:
I bought a jacket similar to this Olympic 2012 jacket ($165) during the 2006 U.S. Open: same design, same fit, different sporting event. Six years later, I still wear it often even though I do not generally wear casual sporty jackets, this one is always chic & practical and reminds me of an event I thoroughly enjoyed.

This USA Duffle ($225) is vintage-inspired but still heralds the arrival of the 2012 London games. Every time you grab your bag to pack for a trip to some exotic locale, you can bring a little piece of American Olympic pride on the road with you. 

BOTH of these items enables you to have a souvenir from the games but one that you will actually use again and again. As someone with a similar jacket, I can vouch for the fact that it is something you will reach for time and time again. The duffel is something that echoes Olympics past and is slightly more timeless than a big horse polo with 2012 emblazoned on the front.


The Gap is carrying a line of vintage-design Olympic tees, each representing an Olympics past represented in tank or tee-shirt form. Here are some of my favorites:

NBC Store:

As the broadcasters of the London 2012 games, the NBC Store has an extensive line of Olympic gear, including a highlights DVD. The Union Jack tee is my favorite of all the clothing and accessory options because it is representative of the games without being cutesy or kitschy.

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